04/21/2013 05:06 pm ET | Updated Jun 21, 2013

You Are Truly Boston Strong

Having lived in Cambridge in 2006-07, we followed with heightened alarm and great sadness the tragic events of last week.

We mourned the loss of life at the Boston Marathon on Monday. We grieved at the casualties that followed. We despaired at how Boston and neighboring cities were brought to a standstill.

We admired the courageous and effectiveness of all first responders, and we join millions of others in thanking them for all that they did. We were impressed by the successful multi-agency coordination. And we were more than relieved when we heard on Friday evening that the remaining suspect had been apprehended.

Last week was also so surreal for us that we can just imagine the turmoil that communities must have felt, and many still do.

While we lived there, we took visitors to what will now be sadly and regrettably remembered as the site of the two horrific bombs. We attended events at MIT where the brave policeman died. We pumped gas at the station where the suspects released a hostage. And, with our wonderful Cambridge neighborhood bordering Watertown, we walked our dog very near the house where the final shootout occurred.

Like millions of other Americans, and like many more millions around the world, our hearts go out to the impacted families, friends and neighborhoods. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those that lost loved ones. Our words of encouragement and support go out to all those that must now overcome the shock and horror of last week's awful events. And we hope for the healing of the many physical and emotional wounds.

They say that adversity is the true test of character. Well, what happened last week was much, much more than an adversity. Yet it demonstrated that the people of Boston and its surroundings sure know how to step up when called upon; and they did so with enormous courage and dignity.

Thank you for how you responded and what you did. Thank you for how you inspired and continue to inspire. And thank you for what you have shown the world.

Being a New York Jets fan -- and thus suffering regularly at the hands of the New England Patriots -- I (Mohamed) am used to bantering with friends in Boston. Not this time.

You are all truly and impressively Boston Strong; and, by example, you inspire us all to be Boston Strong.