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Jamie Henn


Hundreds of Events "Draw the Line" Against Keystone XL & Tar Sands

Posted: 09/21/2013 6:54 pm

At over 200 events today -- from Alaska to Nebraska -- people are "Drawing the Line" against the Keystone XL pipeline, tar sands and other dirty energy projects. The day's events are being coordinated by the climate campaign with help from scores of partners.

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  • Madison, WI

    Activists in Madison, WI have got a giant pencil for President Obama to draw a line against Keystone XL and reject the tar sands pipeline.

  • Proposed Route of Keystone XL, Nebraska

    BOLD Nebraska and friends rally at the renewable energy powered barn they're building in the proposed route of the Keystone XL pipeline

  • Boston, MA

    Activists with 350 Massachusetts rally at the State House to hold a tug of war over the Keystone XL pipeline

  • Miami Beach, FL

    In Miami Beach, FL, people draw the line against the sea-level rise that will occur if global warming goes unchecked.

  • New York City, NY

    Director and fracktivist Josh Fox is ready for sea-level rise as he rallies the crowd at a Draw The Line event in New York City.

  • Two Harbors, MN

    Community members rally in Two Harbors, MN to highlight the dangers tar sands pipelines pose to fresh water sources across the country.

  • Dahlonega, GA

    Passing judgement on the Keystone XL pipeline at a historic courthouse in Dahlonega, GA

  • Detroit, MI

    Community members rally outside a tar sands refinery in Detroit, MI

  • Jacksonville, FL

    Rallying against Keystone XL on the beach in Jacksonville, FL

  • Washington, DC

    Drawing the line

  • Albuquerque, NM

    Rallying for clean energy and against the Keystone XL pipeline in Albuquerque, NM

  • Nashville, TN

    Nashville, TN is drawing the line against Keystone XL ... and all dirty pipelines.

  • Bloomington, IN

    Scooting against the pipeline in Bloomington, IN

  • Athens, GA

    People in Athens, GA rally with a civil war double-barreled cannon ... another terrible idea like Keystone XL!

  • Frederick, MD

    Drawing the line against incinerators and other dirty energy projects in Frederick, MD

The demonstrations are a sign that while President Obama considers Keystone XL's fate, opposition to the pipeline has continued to grow. Over 1,500 people have already been arrested to stop Keystone XL, and on February 17 over 40,000 people came to Washington to tell the President that Keystone XL is not in the national interest. Credo Mobile, Other 98 and Rainforest Action Network have collected pledges from over 75,000 people who are willing to risk arrest to stop the pipeline.


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