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Jamie Holmes

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The Future of Nostalgia

(3) Comments | Posted September 12, 2012 | 1:04 PM

The delicious new documentary Side by Side is partly a character study in nostalgic and pragmatic temperaments. Written and directed by Chris Kenneally, with Keanu Reeves interviewing the Hollywood talent, the documentary explores the likely end of moviemaking with photochemical film and the ongoing transition to digital. Last year marked...

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Lessons From the MDGs

(0) Comments | Posted September 21, 2010 | 4:02 PM

This week's summit at the United Nations on how to reach the ambitious Millennium Development Goals (MGDs) by 2015 marked a clear contrast with the original summit ten years ago. When the leaders of nearly two hundred nations met in New York in 2000, the term "social protection"...

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President Obama and Remembering Chekhov

(8) Comments | Posted January 28, 2010 | 9:56 AM

President Obama's two ambitions as a young man were to write fiction and to work for social change. The jarring contrast between his inspiring speeches and his compromising politics, it seems, mirrors these dual influences: the writer in him as the pure idealist; the politician as the strategizing pragmatist.


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'Postracial' America, One Year Later

(12) Comments | Posted November 5, 2009 | 10:18 AM

Last week, a Gallup poll revealed that while white optimism about race relations remains at November 2008 levels, black optimism has fallen to where it stood before Barack Obama's rise to prominence.

We can excuse descriptions of America as "postracial" last year. Obama's campaign themes encouraged the term,...

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