10/15/2008 12:16 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Facebook Status: Shocked?

Last week I got the greatest Facebook relationship status update: Susie Doe is now married". I laughed because I already knew that; after all, I attended her wedding...10 years ago.

But yesterday I got a bummer of an update: Jane Smith is now single".

Wow. Welcome to the era in which news of marital separation and divorce is broadcast to everyone at once, rather than by phone call or even email.

I wonder if the Facebook engineers will soon enable us to go even further with our relationship status updates.

Jane Smith is now separated from her adultering, bank account siphoning, con man of a husband? John Doe is now divorced from the slut who serviced the left side of his softball team's infield? Jamie Reidy is no longer seeing the actress/masseuse because she refuses to chant "Jay-Mo! Jay-Mo!" at important times?

It could get ugly.