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This is my first attempt at blogging from my iPhone. Fitting that I'm pushing my technological envelope just as I'm about to test my fraternal limits.

Yes, my brother Patrick and I are driving cross country.

If you happen to be on I-70 or I-65 in the next three days and pass a formerly white Nissan Sentra in which two men are wrestling for the iPod and rock, paper scissoring at the same time, you've found The Reidy Boyz. Please honk once to say "Jamie's right!" and twice to vote "Pat's wrong."

Historians may look back on this trip as a mistake. Vegas bookmakers give better odds on Sarah Palin appearing on "Meet The Press" than they do both Pat and I surviving. But I am certain that I will not kill my brother, since his wife probably won't let me crash at their place in Athens, GA if I show up without him. Alas, I don't feel as confident about my own well being. Why did I ever tell him he's a benificiary in my will?

And this road trip was all my idea. Sigh. Please, wish me luck!

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