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Jan Angilella
Jan Angilella worked in the Communications Department at Newsweek magazine for 13 years. Before arriving in New York City, she lived in Bologna, Italy, courtesy of a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship. Her love of Italy and writing about Italy has recently been reignited with a two-month stay in 2015 She started a blog - - to share her experiences. She remains a public relations/communications professional and a freelance journalist and will continue to write about Italy and all things Italian.

Entries by Jan Angilella

5 Years Later -- Finding Strength Amidst Grief

(0) Comments | Posted April 15, 2016 | 1:52 PM

Five years.

What is it about saying "five years" that makes it seem like you've reached a milestone? Reunions are in five-year increments, anniversaries seem more important on the fives, decisions just seem more finalized if they've reached a five-year mark.

My mom died five years ago this...

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In Sicily, Discovering Pecorino and Mount Cammarata

(0) Comments | Posted February 5, 2016 | 6:28 AM

I love discovering Sicily. It's not only where my familial roots are planted - my mother was born here and my father's family is from here - it's simply a joy to travel around a place so different from the rest of the boot.

Luckily for me, my mom...

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The Palio of Siena and its Passion and Tradition

(0) Comments | Posted January 26, 2016 | 12:41 PM

Last week, the organizers of The Palio, Siena's famous horse race, declined an invitation to appear in a parade for Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday, basically saying the parade might misrepresent the prestige of the historical and traditional event.

I recently wrote about the Palio on my blog to explain...

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Hiking In The Dolomites: An Adventure And Homage to Mom

(7) Comments | Posted September 14, 2015 | 1:30 PM

My trip to Italy in July was an homage of sorts to my mother. She and I loved to travel to Italy and we had three great trips together. After she died in 2011, I said I would go back and do a "Mom trip," visiting our favorite places. But...

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Turning 50 With Memories of Mom at 50: Sicily, a Voyage and Pizza

(0) Comments | Posted May 12, 2014 | 11:09 AM

Hello 50!

This week I turn 50 and I am ready to embrace everything that comes with it. I think that means more AARP mail and denial about how fast gray hair appears. I handle the latter easily with frequent visits to the salon.


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A Christmas With Cousins in Italy: A Family Adventure

(0) Comments | Posted December 22, 2013 | 12:49 PM

I'm one of those people who always had be to home for the holidays and if I couldn't be there, then I always found a way to be with family. In 1995, being with family meant enjoying Christmas with cousins in Milan, Italy; cousins that I was meeting for the...

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Image From Past Stirs Lifetime of Memories

(0) Comments | Posted September 9, 2013 | 3:57 PM

I came across a photo of me and my mom that I've seen many times before. But as her 80th birthday approached (Sept. 8), I saw it in a different way. The photo was taken at the Cincinnati airport back when you could go and sit outside and watch jets...

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Teaching Senior Fitness an Unexpected Joy

(0) Comments | Posted June 20, 2013 | 12:59 PM

It's Tuesday morning. The class is full. Weights are strategically wedged at the back of the chairs for easy access. The resistance bands lie across the weights and the balls -- those pesky pink, yellow, green and orange rubber balls that bounce with abandon -- sit under the chairs. The...

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Mom, Me and Our Love of Italy

(2) Comments | Posted April 18, 2013 | 8:16 AM

I eat my salad after the entrée. I don't need a sea of sauce with my spaghetti, and a dessert of mandarin oranges and a shot of espresso always sounds good to me. That's how they eat in Italy, and that's how I eat. I adopted these customs after living...

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Christmas With Mom: A Pot of Sauce, Cookies and Laughter

(2) Comments | Posted December 27, 2012 | 2:00 PM

"I've got the sauce and meatballs on the stove."- - Mom.

That was one of the most comforting phrases I'd hear every year as I prepared to go home for Christmas. Mom would make both a day before so it would be ready to eat by the time I arrived....

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Giving Mom a Kidney and Her 'New Life'

(2) Comments | Posted July 10, 2012 | 1:40 PM

March 25, 2003: We had to be at the hospital by 6 a.m., which meant getting to bed early the night before. Didn't happen. There was too much angst in the house. Mom was scared; I was freaking out a bit, but I believed it was all going to be...

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Missing Mom, But Messages Stand After 16 Years

(1) Comments | Posted May 10, 2012 | 11:48 AM

Mother's Day falls on my birthday this year. My mom and I loved these double-celebration days. We treated ourselves to sparkling wine, a delicious Italian meal and cheesecake. This year, I'll observe both occasions without her.

My mom died last April and since then, I've been living in a new...

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Dealing with the Success of Weight Loss

(11) Comments | Posted February 3, 2011 | 8:25 AM

I wasn't expecting this to be part of the process.

I finally beat the demon that ruled my life for so long: my love affair with food. But then I had to deal with something else: success.

No, no, please save the sarcasm. No pity party here. I...

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How I Gained Control Over My Food Addiction

(26) Comments | Posted November 8, 2010 | 1:24 PM

You had me at "Parmigiano Reggiano."

Usually, when I heard those magic words, willpower went out the window and I would very casually just stop in my neighborhood grocery store and get myself a chunk. It didn't matter if I were on my way home from work, on my way...

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