03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Mind Reels

Did you see this? How could you not? It was frontpage NYT -- front and center above the fold -- the kind of news that sends the mind reeling: Wounded Soldiers Return to Iraq, Seeking Solace.


Americans wounded in the Iraq war are being ferried back to the scenes where they were maimed to help achieve psychological closure, the first time such visits have been tried while a war is still in progress.

Carl Weissner, author of Death in Paris, his latest thriller, was bemused:

Bill Hicks is biting his ass in frustration for having to miss out on this one. This is worse than all the styrofoam Flat Daddies in the world. Dante, in fact, is weeping uncontrollably he's so frustrated and feeling left out.

Papers will be written at the Army War College on the healing action of business-class-cum-red-carpet all the way. Guys who have never flown business class, they automatically achieve closure; the minute the flight attendant says, 'Take yr legs off or whatever, boys, make yourself at home...' It's a medical fact.

To steal a quote from the Command Sergeant Major, "It's the new Iraq." Or to quote the walking wounded, "Hoo-ah!"