Born Gay

10/09/2010 01:50 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

I'm saddened for the young gay students who took their lives and outraged at the churches who perpetuate ignorance and intolerance. We are leaving the churches in droves and well we might, considering their Dark Ages approach to this issue.

This memoir, Born Gay, is my attempt to show what it feels like to grow up gay in a culture, family and church that thinks of it as an abomination. I was dismissed from the convent for it, am in exile from the Catholic church because of it, have been fired from jobs, betrayed by friends, rejected from organizations...and yet it is my very gay uniqueness that has led me to be an activist for justice, a facilitator of creativity, an author/expert on visionary thought leadership, and a mentor to religious leaders across the country.

I am happy to offer this book free of charge in the hope that it gets passed around enough to open up more than a few minds.