Six Father's Day Gifts Moms Won't Resent

06/17/2010 01:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Jane Buckingham President, Trendera, Author, 'Modern Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations'

Okay, I'll admit it. Father's Day is not on the top of my list of favorite holidays. As a full time working mom with a husband who travels several days a week, there are times when I think, "wasn't last Tuesday when I left work early and canceled an important meeting to get my daughter from school because she was sick (but then suddenly wasn't) Father's Day?"

And don't misunderstand. My husband is a great husband and father. I love him. My kids love him. Well, fine, so be it. But if I'm going to buy him a gift, it might as well be one that I don't resent (Did I say resent? Am I sounding resentful?. So here are six gifts that any mom can feel good about giving (and may even exonerate her from having to present breakfast in bed).


DJ Mixer - $79.99 -

What man doesn't fancy himself a closet DJ? Why not put him to work and save yourself a few bucks at your next party. This cool little device allows you to mix tunes from two iPods so you can seamlessly go from your Lady Gaga to his Train. If nothing else it will keep him off the internet for a while.


Mini Foos Ball - Table $30 -

You know he wants it. And this way when he wants to buy the full size, you can say, "Oh, but honey, we already have one." Plus, he'll have hours of fun with it. And should you find yourself with a "headache" it will be a perfect source of distraction for you both!


Give Him the World! - $29.99 -

This Father's Day buy your man an acre of land on Mars! Okay, maybe it's not the world. Or at least not this world, but every man I know wants land. And if you quarrel and toss him out for a night at least it gives him a place to stay!


King For a Day Outfit - Under $20 -

Give him a male makeover with this king for a day t-shirt, new board shorts and flip flops all for under $20. When he looks at you and asks why you seem slightly annoyed, bored, tired or resentful, just point to the shirt and say, "Oh honey, don't be silly, you're the king!" and just walk away with a smile.


Whiskey Stones - $19.99 -

If I find one more ring on my coffee table from late night boys' whiskeys, I just might revert to coating everything in the house with plastic. And while I can't curtail the whiskey, or the glasses from sweating too much, here's a gift hubbie and I will both love. These whiskey stones replace ice cubes and won't water down that precious whiskey. They can be one more special part of his ritual and won't add to wrecking the furniture.


Picture Taking Binoculars - $34.99 -

Imagine him appreciating nature as he's gazing at a bird on a snow capped mountain and snaps a photo with this binocular camera combo. Or getting a better pick of your son's perfect pitch. Or snapping one of that new neighbor with her too short skirt taking out the trash... Wait, maybe I need to rethink this one..