Maher Mangles Zucker At the Box Office

11/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I'll put on my Hollywood hat just for a moment so I can lead a chorus of righteous laughter at the colossal failure of the persecuted Hollywood conservatives behind An American Carol.

Here's how the movie fared over the weekend, when stacked up against Bill Maher's Religulous:

FilmBox Office Gross# Screens Average
American Carol $3,810,000 1,639$2,325
Religulous $3,500,000 502 $6,972

What does this tell us?

Both films were in their first week of release, which means that it's apples to apples. Both had the benefit of their opening week marketing pushes.

Note that Religulous, however, was on less than one third of the screens that An American Carol was. Which means that An American Carol should by all rights have done three times the box office of Religulous. But it didn't -- gross box office receipts were largely the same.

The per-screen average of Religulous was three times that of An American Carol. Three times as many people showed up in each theater to see it.

As Atrios notes, there's no way that professional right-wing victims can argue that their humor-free comedy didn't get a good push from the studio.

Bottom line: Hollywood is in the business of making money. There's no conspiracy going on against conservatives. When moviegoers have to vote with their dollars, it's just that nobody wants to see their what they have to offer.

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