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Jane Podesta

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After 150 Years of Selling News, Media Outlets Need to Think About Turning Back the Clock

(5) Comments | Posted July 19, 2010 | 12:29 PM

The nation's Twitter-length attention span is driving the mainstream media into a wild tailspin, rushing to recreate itself based on the latest search engine feedback.

So it's counter revolutionary to think of turning back the clock to a time when journalism wasn't packaged and sold. That's what Mitchell Stephens,...

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The Dirty War Against Journalists in Mexico

(0) Comments | Posted May 13, 2010 | 10:48 AM

Vicious drug cartels are threatening, kidnapping and killing Mexican journalists, muzzling news coverage and carving out a vast zone of silence.

This chilling dirty war against journalists is being waged at a time when cash-strapped American media outlets are slashing foreign coverage. It's a perfect storm.

"Mexican journalists are...

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Daring Bloggers Playing 'Cat and Mouse' Game in China

(1) Comments | Posted April 27, 2010 | 5:28 PM

Faced with escalating attacks by Internet police, daring bloggers in China are playing a game of "cat and mouse" by inventing code words and creating multiple accounts with pseudonyms to escape censors.

It's a dangerous game, with Chinese security forces controlling e-mail and scanning Internet services for 1,083 filtered words...

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'Stop Crying in Our Beer,' Pulitzer-Winning Editor Tells Media

(2) Comments | Posted April 20, 2010 | 2:36 PM

While the nation's struggling big media honchos bemoan the end of print, an obscure newspaper in the coalfields of southwestern Virginia turned off the endless white noise and captured a Pulitzer Prize. Let's look at the small picture.

Instead of complaining about how American newspapers have lost 43 percent of...

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'Jihad Jane' Case 'Tip of Iceberg,' Net Posse Warns

(3) Comments | Posted March 23, 2010 | 1:48 PM

A shadowy Internet world of prowling would-be terrorists is emerging,as the "Jihad Jane" case unfolds. While suspected terrorist Colleen LaRose awaits trial in Philadelphia, a "net posse" of civilians monitoring YouTube and extremist sites are tracking hundreds of other strange cases.

This is a parallel universe, the ugly side of...

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Farewell Deborah "Debbie" Howell

(2) Comments | Posted January 4, 2010 | 1:51 PM

This isn't the way it was supposed to end. If Debbie could have written her last chapter, she would have been standing in the middle of a crowded newsroom shouting out orders to a fleet of grumbling reporters.

Glasses half perched on her nose, Debbie would have looked down over...

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Elizabeth Edwards Can't Have It Both Ways

(28) Comments | Posted May 20, 2009 | 6:32 PM

After the disastrous book tour launch of her confessional Resilience, Elizabeth Edwards isn't going quietly into the night. Now her misguided publicists are telling the media that Edwards won't grant any interviews with reporters who mention the name of John Edwards' one-time mistress -- Rielle Hunter.


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