12/15/2011 01:24 pm ET | Updated Feb 14, 2012

Step Into the New Year by Activating the Voice of Your Inner Coach

I'm reminded of that old Bob Dylan refrain: "Come gather 'round people wherever you roam, and admit that the waters around you have grown." The end of the calendar year brings each of us to the end of waters we've navigated over the past 12 months. During this transitional time of the season I start wondering what there is for me to learn from the events of the past and how to take that learning into the next year.

All too often, people think that change will flow because they want it to. We can wish all we'd like on a star, but hope alone never gets us unstuck or helps to improve a situation. Activating the positive, supportive voice within increases courage, ease and assertiveness. Aren't these the qualities that have us be more successful with anything -- be it a relationship or a work project? Sure they are.

Growing beyond the present moment requires that we work with our "Inner Coach" -- that internal voice that supports resilience, confidence and, ultimately has us be more successful in life. What if we each added to our new year's resolution lists the willingness to point out our strengths rather than our shortcomings? Imagine how that might improve our day-to-day outlook and assist us in having the stamina for lifelong pursuits.

Change doesn't just happen -- it requires being active. It's a process involving the willingness to make decisions, support efforts and transform negative patterns that get in our way. During this holiday season, consider an investment in yourself. Consider speaking more with the voice of compassion and then notice how much easier it is to take action with the other items on your new year's list.