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Jane Smiley

Jane Smiley

Posted: August 11, 2008 04:34 PM

My Edwards Diary, Day Two

Well, I thought I would bang on about this for a while, let's say as long as it remains a news story. Every time I read the words "Rielle Hunter", I am going to say the words "Vicki Iseman" and "Cindy McCain". There you go. Rielle Hunter Vicki Iseman Cindy McCain Rielle Hunter Vicki Iseman Cindy McCain Rielle Hunter Vicki Iseman Cindy McCain. Fun! And WHAT if Edwards had won the nomination?

Actually, pondering Edwards' futile quest for the nomination gives me more respect for the guy. The fact is, Edwards was the only explicitly progressive candidate, and he knew he wasn't going to win, but he kept at it, spending lots of money (including a bit of mine) because he wanted to get those pesky issues about working class people out there on the table, and no one else did (or at least, only Hillary did, and only after Edwards forced her hand). Every Edwards supporter knew that in the Capitalist Golden Age, where our "leaders" are prized for their Midas touch (remember King Midas? He turned his favorite daughter into a golden statue -- whoops!), someone had to speak up for plain old social and economic decency. So he did.

But don't come crying to me about what if he'd won. He wasn't going to win and everyone knew it. He was the stalking horse for Hillary and Obama and he stayed in the race long enough to to put his issues on the table. Edwards has called himself a narcissist. My guess is, with regard to sex, he's just a guy. I've know a lot of guys who reacted to misfortune by going out and getting stupidly laid, haven't you?

But going out and getting stupidly laid and then coming home and reconciling with the wife is not the same as going out, getting stupidly laid, then divorcing the crippled wife and marrying the pretty young thing (and taking out your marriage license before the divorce is final). One is stupid. The other is cruel. Brutal. Heinous. And well within the moral capacities of our Republican presidential candidate