11/01/2010 11:06 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What Colbert and Stewart Forgot to Tell Us: If We Don't Vote on Tuesday, We're Toast

Comedy Central's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, according to CNN, "carried a message about Americans turning their backs on hate and working together to make the world a better place."

Yeah...people and "let's get together and love one another right now" as we Boomers used to sing back when we were hippies and smoked weed...Yuck.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm glad that the two comedians distanced their performances from the ridiculous rantings of Glenn Beck, aka Father Coughlin. However, they should have communicated the fact that if intelligent Democrats and Independents don't get beyond bonding and actually vote on Tuesday the Republican Party of No will likely take over Congress. If that happens, we've got "Newt Gingrich all over again."

While you may find Nancy Pelosi annoying, Newt Gingrich's evil twin, Rep. John Boehner, is downright reprehensible. Boehner has been a champion of lobbying firms' takeover of Capitol Hill and has assured the student loan industry -- those compassionate folks that can garnish your disability insurance checks -- that he had them in his trusted hands when it comes to bank-friendly legislation. And you know he and his fellow travelers will do their best to kill health care reform given that Rush Limbaugh has made this a top priority, according to Newsweek, along with "privatizing" the student loan industry.

Even worse is the fact that a Republican majority insures that nothing will be done about the biggest catastrophe facing Americans that the media won't cover: that the vast majority of us can't afford to retire. What's more, the shortfall is NOT a function of the stock market slump but your employer's puny contribution to your 401(k) account, equivalent to 3% of your paycheck. Rather than responsible reform that would mandate a tripling of employer contributions, the most you can expect under Republican Rule is legislation that will require your employer to include an insert in your quarterly 401(k) statements disclosing the puny monthly income stream you're likely to receive from your inadequate nest egg. Thanks, boss!

Trust me, I'm not thrilled with the Democratic Party. I'm from New Jersey, after all, where our politicians have managed to tax us to death and deliver nothing but boondoggles. On the other hand, we have choice on Tuesday. We can sit on our butts and whine about our lack of leadership, or we can assume leadership by putting the right people in office and then tell them what to do. It's now or just about never.