Get Good Enough as Voters

11/03/2010 01:56 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I watched as many interviews/speeches of winners and losers as I could. I found some as dim and unconnected as those who elected them, some made me try to figure out who his/her Geppetto worked the strings, none was Good Enough.

Setting aside those Tea Party Dupes who know nothing and are too smug about it to look into how they're being used by the Richest and Infamous -- you don't even almost imagine the partiers themselves are financing the movement, do you? -- we are still not Good Enough at choosing our leaders to get Good Enough leaders.

How do we get Good Enough as Voters? By being picky and aware. And there's no way to get picky other than self-education as to who we are and want to become. Laziness and self-satisfaction have got us where we are today, and will get us where we are now next year as well unless we do something about our individual selves before we next vote on another Congress to represent ourselves. If you think this country is the country you believe it is, you're blowing smoke up at least one of your nether regions.

We, individually, are our own downfall; only we can individually change that.

Do you/I/us really want what we saw over our toothbrushes this morning running our country?