Slow Tech Living Meets Screen Free Week May 4th-10th 2015! Tips For the Eager and the Wary

05/01/2015 03:04 pm ET | Updated Jun 30, 2015

Do you look forward to Screen Free Week every spring? Or do you dread the struggle? Do you categorize it as one more thing to do or have you been brainstorming creative outings and activities all winter for that fabulous family week? If you're like me, you're probably somewhere in between. I feel pretty tech balanced already, though I do love the idea of going screen free for an entire week. But realistically, I know it's hard to rally the whole gang and stay consistent and enthusiastic as the days pass. Remember -- this isn't a punishment and it doesn't need to be perfect! Making small changes or encouraging your family to approach it as a challenge can be fun. So no matter your approach, below are some balanced tips and tricks to make it happen in a way that works for you. Perhaps your screen free choices will lead to a Slow Tech Lifestyle. Enjoy!

1. Designate "No Phone Zones" or other device free areas of your home, car or office.

2. Can't commit to being screen free all week? Set a specific time each day and encourage the whole family to participate.

3. Instead of scrolling, start a conversation with someone in line at the grocery store, at the doctor's office, on your commute, at school pick up.

4. Resist the pic! Enjoy letting the kids play, create, exist without attempting to capture and share it.

5. Encourage everyone to wake up and go to sleep device free.

6. Go outside with a ball. See what happens. The possibilities are endless!

7. Go device free at mealtime. Plan some conversation starters or prompts to help keep everyone engaged.

8. Get nostalgic. Play board games, draw, write a letter, read a book out loud from your childhood.

9. Stay still. Is reaching for that phone or handing over the iPad a habit? See what happens when you stay in the moment. Warning: this may be uncomfortable at first. Don't give up!

10. You don't need to be the family camp counselor all week to make it special! Pick one afternoon for an unlikely adventure -- a hike in the trails, a visit to a playground outside of your neighborhood, a surprise playdate, or a special ingredient snack.