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Janet Zeitoun
For nearly 20 years, Janet Zeitoun has been designing the hair of some of the world’s most famous superstars. Janet Jackson has said, “Her [Zeitoun’s] talent is rare and exceptional.” Zeitoun’s longtime clients also include Denzel Washington and Natalie Cole, and she worked extensively with the late Michael Jackson. As one of Hollywood’s top hairstylists, she has traveled all over the world alongside A-List celebrities and executives who know Zeitoun will make them look their best. Her encyclopedic knowledge of products and techniques are the signature of her genius.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Zeitoun loved working with hair since she was a child. She moved to Los Angeles with her family when she was 10 years old, and by the time she was 12, she was attending to their hair needs. Zeitoun received professional training from Charles Ross, who was a consultant for Clairol. While with Ross, Zeitoun learned modular cutting techniques, which gave her endless ways to shape hair for clients. She has since built on this foundation by adding her own discoveries.

Her philosophy on hair design is similar to that of other creative mediums – every aspect must work together to create the whole. Zeitoun says, “A good style is like a good story. When told well, the results are fascinating and evocative.”

In 1986, Zeitoun began working with Michael Jackson, styling his hair for several signature music videos, including “Remember the Time,” “Earth Song,” “The Way You Make Me Feel,” and “Black or White,” to name a few. Additionally, Zeitoun created several unique hair designs for Janet Jackson’s popular music videos including “Foreplay,” “Alright,” “If,” “Got ‘Till It’s Gone,” “Runaway” and “All For You.” Zeitoun collaborated with director Mark Romanek in the creation of the futurist hairstyles for Michael and Janet’s iconic music video, “Scream.” The long soft tresses she crafted for Janet’s video “Someone To Call My Lover” earned Zeitoun a nomination by the Music Video Production Association for “Best Hair In A Video.” In 2010, Zeitoun styled Janet’s hair when she starred in Tyler Perry’s motion picture For Colored Girls.

Zeitoun’s distinctive hair designs have also been captured in print by many of the world’s most prominent photographers, including Annie Leibowvitz, Max Vadukul, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Patrick Demarchelier, Albert Watson, Bruce Weber, and the late Herb Ritts, and the list continues. Her signature looks have also been featured in leading magazines, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, InStyle and others. In addition, Zeitoun’s designs have been published in a wide range of beauty books, several authored by famed celebrity make-up artist, the late Kevyn Aucoin. Other professional credits include commercials for Pepsi, Nutrisystem®, and Blackglama’s “What Becomes a Legend Most" print campaigns.

In addition to styling hair for clients around the globe, Janet Zeitoun just launched her own hair care line, SOTAH ( Her dream of designing a new line of products for all types of hair, is now a reality. She created these products for consumers who want shiny, manageable and healthy hair. Enjoy!

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