04/11/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

A Letter to Barbie: Happy 50th Birthday.

Dear Barbie,

I miss you, Barbie. I really do, and I apologize for abruptly packing you and Ken up into your dollhouse and selling you to the kid down the street for movie and gasoline money.

What can I say? Rather short-sided on my part.

Well ... never mind all that. I do have this photo of you and Ken, lounging around, complete with hand-crocheted bedspread, to remind me of the endless hours of play.

I want you to know that I do not blame you for my unrealistic expectations of womanhood. I hear you took a lot of flack in this regard and that some even blamed the rise of eating disorders on you! Geeze.

ART Barbie.jpg

I never for a moment imagined that my breasts would be quite so pointy; nor did I think that my knees would not bend.

I enjoyed your sense of couture, and I appreciated that you had a metro-sexual boyfriend. You were the keeper of my secrets, my childhood friend, and I wish you, dear Barbie, the happiest of birthdays!


AND NOW ... some Barbie trivia: "In 1963 with the introduction of Midge® Hadley (Barbie® doll's friend), Allan® Sherwood was being designed. Allan® was conceived for three important reasons. First and foremost to target the "shared clothes" ideal with Ken®, second for the double dating possibilities and lastly as a "buddy" to Ken®. Mattel introduced Allan® in the1964 along with Skipper®, Barbie's® sister. Allan® was advertised as Ken's® buddy and as Midge's® boyfriend. He was quickly discontinued in 1965 the year the second version was released, but was available for sale in limited quantities until 1966. Ken® was also available for sale through 1966, but found a extended absence until being released with an entirely different look and body mold in 1969. This was the only time frame Ken® has not been produced on a yearly basis. With Ken's® new redesign, Allan® was going to have to conform to a redesign himself...or be dropped. Unfortunately, Mattel™ decided on the latter. They were already designing a new buddy for Ken. This new buddy Brad®, would follow a diversity trend that was well ahead of it's time and follow realizations already established in the female line." source:

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