Kirstie Alley: Still Stuck In a Fat Suit?

06/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • Janice Taylor Life Coach, Anti-Gravity Expert, Positarian, Author and Artist

Losing a substantial amount of weight and gaining it back is very (let me say that again ... VERY...) depressing. I know, because I've done it. Several times. And I also know what it feels like to permanently remove that excess (50 pounds gone for almost 8 years!). There is a sense of freedom, of self-acceptance, of peace that exceeds words.

And so, I write this column from a place of knowledge, as a weight loss coach, an expert in the field and as someone who walks the talk.

As I listened to Kirstie Alley declare on Oprah's Thursday (April 30) show,

"I'm nuts ... seriously." "I'm a brat." "I'm careless and irresponsible." "It is about wearing a bikini." "I'm going to be ripped by November." "Okay February,"

I thought to myself, "Wow, she sure is setting herself up for failure. Again."

And when Oprah said, "Can you believe that you are [we are] talking about this again?" I thought, "Good question, O! Why are you talking about it again? Why is Kirstie exposing herself yet again to the scrutiny of the public eye, the ridicule?"

Kirstie then went on to say that she has spent the past 1.5 years, while gaining back every single pound lost on Jenny Craig plus an additional 10 pounds, "researching what is missing" from diet plans.

Kirstie further stated that she would start up her own weight-loss brand, even though it was "sort of crazy ... We're in the middle of a recession, and I decide, yes, I'm going to create my own business ... I'm going to lose 80 pounds ... I'm going to be in a bikini again."

Was the appearance on Oprah a set-up? Are we now going to watch Kirstie get 'thin' again, so she can sell us her bill of goods?

Whether Kirstie loses it or not, I can pretty much guarantee that she is going to 'find' it again, because weight loss is primarily a mind set that comes from your belief systems; it's about internal change. It's about self-love and acceptance. Kirstie's words, thought process, affect, sense of self appears not to have changed, moved, shifted, not even one tiny, little bit.

Kirstie, if you want to join the 'permanent fat removal' club, you've got to change your thinking. The bikini is not the prize. Loving yourself is.

Spread the word ... NOT the icing,

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