Money Matters: How to Get America's Energy and Economy Flowing Freely Again

04/11/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

There is no doubt that we are in crisis. And yes, President Obama has assembled a kick-tush team of experts, and while these experts are diligently working day and night to implement a stimulus package to re-kindle the economy, I suspect they are so bogged down in financial flow charts that they haven't stopped to consider our collective flow -- the great energy flow.

I'm talking about Chi, the life force that permeates the world. Clearly, our collective Chi, is off. When we are in the proper state of balance, the energy -- the Chi -- flows smoothly and effortlessly through the space and it supports rather than fights against the space. Balancing our Chi is a crucial part of living a healthy, calm, energetically balanced and prosperous life.

We are in a state of imbalance, and this imbalance can lead to ill health and discomfort in the environment. We cannot bloom, flourish or prosper in a state of imbalance or disharmony.

What to do? Follow these simple laws of Feng Shui, get the energy flowing, move from imbalance into balance and return our country to a living, breathing and healthy state of prosperity.

Clutter to Clear. The planet Venus, which governs prosperous energy, cannot enter our homes, offices, banks or stock market trading floor if there is clutter blocking its path. Have you seen the mess on the trading floors; have you heard the noise level?

Leaks. Check the White House for leaky faucets (drip, drip, drip), leaky windows (cold air blowing in?), as well as leaks of information! If the White House is leaky, so goes the money.

Toilets. And how about the toilets in the Treasury Department? Has anyone put the lids down? Let's face it, this mess we're in was primarily created by men. Do they ever put the lids down? If the lids are left up, the energy is being "flushed away."

Paint the White House Red. Red is the color of happiness and prosperity in China and is used to attract good luck. Secretary of State Clinton recently asked the Chinese government to keep on buying our Treasury bonds. They seem to be in good shape. Are you following my logic? If the idea of painting the White House Red is too much, how about the front door?

Gold Objects. It is essential that the White House display actual money and gold objects in the money area of the 'house.' (Far left corner from point of entry). A bowl of foreign coins works well (this also comes in handy if the dollar slides).

Lava Lamps. The colors purple, red and green support prosperity energy. You could paint the corners of the rooms with these colors, or you could more easily purchase a purple, red or green lava lamp. One of the great things about a lava lamp is that it moves! Thus, you are keeping the money circulating in our lives!

That should do it!

Spread the word ... not the icing!

Our Lady of Weight Loss ... Keeping it light!

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