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Jared Levy

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Hizballah Chalks up Protests in Iran to Western Meddling

Posted June 27, 2009 | 13:02:39 (EST)

I thought Naim Qassem's comments on "Western and American involvement in Iran" were especially despicable.

Qassem said:

The extent of Western and American involvement in Iran's internal affairs is now clear. What is going on in Iran is not a simple protest against the results of the presidential election,...
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Israel Treading a Familiar Path in Gaza

Posted January 13, 2009 | 18:24:46 (EST)

It seems that Israel is at risk of falling into a familiar trap in Gaza. Subsequent to the 2006 Israeli campaign in Lebanon, Hezbollah quickly rearmed to a level exceeding their pre-war capabilities. Additionally, Hezbollah gained a number of concessions from the western friendly Siniora government thereby strengthening their domestic...

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The Folly of de-Clintonification

Posted December 11, 2008 | 16:51:25 (EST)

In the Spring of 2003, shortly after being appointed head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, Paul Bremer issued an order that would have crippling effects on the Iraqi Ministries and public service. Bremer ordered the De-Baathification of Iraqi Society. In essence his order insured that no Iraqi who had been...

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Despite a Tenuous Peace, Mistrust Remains High in Beirut

Posted July 15, 2008 | 13:00:06 (EST)

Two months ago, Hamra was wracked with violence. This famed neighborhood in West Beirut, home to the American University of Beirut, several hospitals, countless clothing boutiques, cafes and restaurants was at the epicenter of the fighting between encroaching gunmen from the opposition, and supporters of Saad Hariri's Musteqbel movement who...

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Engaging Syria

2 Comments | Posted March 24, 2008 | 12:48:25 (EST)

After Senator Obama suggested that he would engage in dialogue with Syria should he become president, his political opponents -- both Democrat and Republican -- commenced to howl in protest.

Their reaction is premature, as Obama went into little detail about what he meant by 'engaging' Syria diplomatically. His...

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