Hizballah Chalks up Protests in Iran to Western Meddling

I thought Naim Qassem's comments on "Western and American involvement in Iran" were especially despicable.

Qassem said:

The extent of Western and American involvement in Iran's internal affairs is now clear. What is going on in Iran is not a simple protest against the results of the presidential election, There are riots and attacks in the streets that are orchestrated from the outside in a bid to destabilise the country's Islamic regime.

This is an affront to all the Iranians who are bravely protesting, getting viciously beaten in the streets by Basji militia and in many cases killed. Despite the entreaties of the likes of Paul Wolfowitz, Obama has shown remarkable forethought and restraint in not getting involved, even verbally in the events in Iran. There is nothing to indicate that anyone but Iranians endeavoring to have their political voices heard are behind these protests. With his remarks, Hizballah's deputy leader cheapens the words and blood of all the valiant Iranians who have taken to the streets to voice their displeasure with the recent "election."

Before the election many in the western press were crowing about the democratic process going on in Iran in the form of political debates, ignoring the fact that the debaters were hand picked by the religious and security establishment. Likewise, there a smattering of "academics" and "journalists" who like to talk about Hizballah's democratic credentials, ignroing the fact that last year their response to some unfavorable parliamentary decisions was to start killing people.

I hope that Iranians, particulary those courageously protesting in the streets, have a chance to read Naim Qassems remarks.