04/10/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Google Stops by the Old Neighborhood on Super Bowl Sunday

According to MediaPost's Online Media Daily report this morning, John Battelle, at least, knew Google would run a commercial during the Super Bowl yesterday. It was a surprise to most of the rest of us. But it was a welcome surprise. All was right with the world for 30 seconds when Google showed up, looking and acting like its old self - a search engine - back in the Internet neighborhood, in touch with its roots.

"Hey, look who's here!"

"Hey, Ma, Google's outside."

("Hey, don't he look swell.")

"Hey, don't you look swell, Google! Where you been!? Come over here."

"Hey, you look tan. Nice suit...where'd you get it? Paris? Hey, Ma, check this out...Look who's wearing a suit from Paris!"

"Wait...who's the girl? This girl with you?! You with him?!"



("Bonjour? Is she French?")

"A girl from France, Ma!"

"Geez, it's nice to see you, kid. All we know is what we read in the papers, you know? Oh boy, the papers say some things, don't they? We all know better, of course. We tell 'em, too. We tell everybody. Google never hurt nobody."

"But, hey, look at you! A tan. And a girl from France! Geez. I never been to New York, let alone France."

"HA HA HA. Laugh with me, you old dope! You lost your sense of humor?"


"It's good to see you, Google. It's good that you stopped by. Really good. Really good."

("Give me a hug.")

"You stay in touch."

"Do you hear me?! I'm watching you! You stay in touch, Google!"