10/17/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

An Open Letter to Charlie Gibson


Dear Charlie,

I watched your interview with Sarah Palin and I have to say that I was a little disappointed in your performance. Everyone in the country knows a question or two that they could have thrown at her that she wouldn't have known. You couldn't think of any?

I have to be honest with you Charlie, I was a little bit more than disappointed. I would say that I was downright disgusted with what you did. You held Mrs. Palin's hand and let her walk all over you.

As a journalist and a citizen of America don't you feel a bit ashamed of yourself? You know you let the wolf stay in grandma's clothes last night. You know that you could have asked her any number of things so that the American public would see how unfit to lead she truly is.

I know you could have done this Charlie, but why didn't you? I'm sorry if I'm using your name so much in this note but I was just so inspired but the number of times Mrs. Palin said your name. It was like you two were best friends. Did it annoy you in the room when she kept saying your name like that? I cannot imagine that it didn't because I know there was a large part of this country who felt ill by her performance. So how was it to be in the first row?

I also think that it is obvious to America that Sarah Palin chose you and ABC to put on her little show. She didn't want to come out of her cave to unfriendly waters so she chose the path to the best island for her act. And by act I mean that performance that you allowed her to do without a single rough, or tough, or dare I say journalistic question.

You know Charlie, you are a representative of the people. The press and journalists that sit on TV and get to ask these politicians questions do it on behalf of the people. I do not think I'm off base by saying that your questions were not in anyway representative of what America wanted to know about her. You let her do her dance and you never let her trip once.

Frankly, Charlie, I see what you did as a little sexist too. You know its very popular to call the media sexist these days so I will throw it at you now. If there was a person of the opposite sex with the same unknown background who was running for VP of America then I know you would have let him have it! Even if you were told to be nice I know you would have at least given it a fair go to get something new or revealing out of him. Instead you didn't do anything new with Mrs. Palin last night. All you did was allow her to repeat her practiced talking points so that she sounded a little bit more competent to America.

The problem with that is that you have done this country a huge disservice. Instead of giving the country a more real view of who Sarah Palin is, you gave them this lie that I don't think America is buying.

I think that the voters of this electorate can see through the games that the Republican party is playing with the media. Your interview with Sarah Palin played more like an afternoon soap opera than a real journalistic interview. I know you could have done better Charlie, you owe it to this country to give it a better try.

If I were you I would start watching "The View". Those ladies just held John McCain's feet to the fire and asked him the tough questions that Americans wanted to hear. Maybe you should give it a try.

Thanks for listening,
Jason Pollock