05/19/2006 07:16 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Go to SAVETHEINTERNET.COM and Sign Their Petition!

For all of you that are as angry as me at our government for trying to privatize the internet, here is something you can do now to make your voice heard.

Go to and sign their petition which goes directly to Congress.

At this point they have almost 700,000 signatures from people across the political spectrum.

This issue has angered not just Democrats but also many Republicans and right-wing groups.

We need to support a free internet. The internet is working just fine and there is no reason to bring big $ into it to try to censor those websites who cannot pay.

The internet is one of the most democratic (small d)systems that we have on the earth today and I implore you to please sign this petition and call your local congressman to speak out against this insanity.