My Thoughts On Attending the Immigration March

05/07/2006 11:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Last Monday I took part in the immigration march in Los Angeles. I was invited to attend the march by my friend Tom Morello. Tom is the guitarist from 'Rage Against the Machine' and 'Audioslave'. He also performs solo as a character he created called 'The Nightwatchman'. The Nightwatchman was created by Tom to fight the power and he has written many very political and emotionally charged songs which he plays and sings with his acoustic guitar. I had the opportunity to film his performance on the stage where he performed for the nearly half million in attendance. We then marched with everyone down the protest route.

The emotion and passion that I felt from the protestors was nothing like I have ever experienced. These Americans made such a statement to me and the world about their passion to be considered legal.

What strikes me most profoundly about this immigration arguement is that every American's lineage leads to an immigrant.

Every person's origins in this country were because their relatives immigrated here. The only people in America who could say that they are truly from here are the Native Americans. They were clearly here first and look at how they've been treated by our government throughout the years. Haven't we learned anything?

America is a HUGE country. With plenty of space to go around for everyone. The Bush administration is just trying to use this immigration topic as a wedge issue to try to divide America, like they have done with gay marriage.

Another thing that struck me about the march was that there were very few of me around. What I mean to say is that there very few white liberal activists there. In the most part it was mainly mexican americans who had organized this and were in attendance.

The thing that impressed me the most about that fact was that this was an entire other faction of pissed off Americans. We on the left sometimes think that we are alone in protest of the Bush Administration but seeing everyone at the march was so inspiring.

GWB and his actions have made many in America angry. Not just anti-war activists.

Something else that struck me at this march was how much more passion there was in these protestors than all of the anti-war protests I have been to. They cheered and yelled harder and their effect was felt greater than any anti-war protest.

If we on the left had the same passion to end the war that these passionate Mexican Americans have to stay in America then I think the war would be closer to over if not already over.

I have been to many anti-war marches and although our numbers are equal to that of the immigration march the feeling was different. These protestors just seemed to want it more.

I think that more liberal anti-war activits should attend these demostrations and take notes on how to protest publicly. Maybe then, we'd be making the changes that we want made.