11/28/2011 04:35 pm ET | Updated Jan 28, 2012

Are You a Democrat Who Doesn't Like "Sissy Pizza?" Watch Out!

Skip this if you're one of those people who doesn't want to read about the latest outrageous comments on right-wing talk radio, because... they're just the latest outrageous comments on right-wing talk radio.

But read on if you want a window into what hate looks like, and you want to air it out, so it doesn't thrive in the darkness.

You may remember my post in October about  KENN radio host Sean Jeremy Osborn's suggestion that the entire population of Iran is like a cancer and should be killed.

Now Osborn is angry at Democratic strategist Donna Brazile. My guess is that Osborne has some underlying issues here, because you'd never think Brazile's comment about the meaning of vegetables on pizza would set off a explosion of rage from Osborne.

You can speculate for yourself about what's really bothering Osborn, or if you think he goes ballistic just for the theatrics of it, after I explain what happened.

On CNN's "The Situation Room" Nov. 14, host Wolf Blitzer read to Brazile the following comment by GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, and Blitzer asked Brazile if she had a "problem" with it:

The more toppings a man has on his pizza, I believe, the more manly he is.... A manly man don't want it piled high with vegetables.... He would call that a sissy pizza.

Brazile's response to Blitzer:

Herman Cain clearly has a 'women's problem.' He doesn't know how to address women. He doesn't know how to respect women, and now he's making this comment about, bring on more toppings.

Osborn played this exchange on his "Painful Truth" radio show and started screaming.

Seriously, Donna, you're going to go there? It's an advertising-marketing thing designed to reach men. Men like meat on their pizza, you stupid female dog... It doesn't mean Herman Cain is insensitive to women... It means men like meat on their damn pizza... I am ready to start busting walls in this room. Donna Brazile... you are a magnificently ignorant slut. There, how's that for disparaging to women, you dumb female dog... you stupid retard."

There's more, and you can listen to below.

Osborn starts off by saying that the exchange reflects hypocrisy in journalism, which sounds completely irrational until you remember the crazy mental space Osborn occupies.

You may be thinking, who cares what an apparent right-wing nut says on a small radio station in the four corners area.

It's true that KENN may be small, but it still reaches the good people in multiple cities like Durango and Cortez. It's also owned by American General Media, which appears to have at least one other station in California.

So Osborn, who hasn't returned past emails, because, he says, I'll take his comments out of context, as if this were possible, should explain his behavior to his bosses and the people of these communities.

Contact KENN here.

Listen to Osborn here: