02/28/2014 01:36 pm ET | Updated Apr 30, 2014

Gessler, Tancredo Expecting Beauprez in Gov Race Soon

Gubernatorial candidates Tom Tancredo and Scott Gessler said on the radio this week they expect former Congressman Bob Beauprez to jump into their race soon.

Funny that Beauprez' opponents would be making this announcement before Beauprez himself does.

But the funny part is eclipsed by the underlying anger you hear in Gessler's voice when he points out that Beauprez ran a "pretty disastrous" campaign in 2006.

On Jimmy Sengenberger's Velocity Radio show yesterday, Gessler also said he's "pretty confident" Bob Beauprez will enter the gubernatorial race.

Gessler (@1 hour 21 min): "I've heard the same thing. I'm actually pretty confident Bob Beauprez is going to be getting into the race. Probably next week is what I've heard."
Sengenberger: Will that change the race in your mind from a two-man race to possibly a three-man race?
Gessler: Maybe. We'll see how much traction he gets. You know, Bob is well-known. He's well respected. On the other hand, he ran a pretty disastrous campaign back in 2006, where he lost by about 17 points.
Sengenberger: ...It was a tough year for Republicans.
Gessler: Well, yes and no. John Suthers won his state-wide race. Mike Coffman won his state-wide race. Mark Hillman lost his state-wide race, but just by a little. And Bob lost by 17 points.

On KOA's Colorado Morning News,Tancredo was more confident Beauprez would enter the race. He told co-hosts April Zesbaugh and Steffan Tubbs that Bob Beauprez told Tancredo during a conversation Saturday that Beauprez will be running for governor.

Tancredo told KOA that he will not be stepping out of the gubernatorial race, even if Beauprez enters.

Tancredo: Yes, I think he is stepping into the governor's race, or at least that was the conversation I had with him on Saturday. No I will not bow out. And that was not part of the conversation we had. I had called him because I, like everyone else who's involved politically here, had heard that he was thinking about it very seriously again. And so I called him on Saturday, and I said, 'Listen buddy, get in! The water's fine. It will be fun. He's a great guy and a good friend. And he would add to the whole mix....No, I'm not getting out. There's certainly no reason to. From my point of view, I'm ahead of everyone I'm running against right now by about 2 to 1. We've raised more money, again by about 2 to 1, than anyone else. So I don't see why I'd be thinking about such a thing. And I'm not. I'm certainly going to pursue it. And do my very best. The addition of another person like Bob Beauprez to this race certainly does not harm my position. It only enhances the debate that will go on, and I think that is a good thing.

Tancredo had nothing but good things to say about Beauprez, praising the Congressman for being the first Republican to support him in 2010 when Tancredo ran as the Constitution Party candidate.

But that doesn't mean things are tension-free between Tancredo and his fellow Republicans.

Asked by Tubbs who's "calling the shots" for Republican Party, Tancredo said:

Tancredo: Great question. I haven't the foggiest idea...It beats me buddy. But, all I can say is they don't call me and ask about these things."