04/08/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Why Kill-Free Meat Will Rock Your World

Call it KindMeat, Kill-Free meat or lab steak. The reality is that in-vitro meat, essentially growing laboratory meat from the stem cells of an animal without having to kill said animal, will usher in a new era. This is meat produced in a cell culture, rather than from an animal.

Once perfected, this technology, conceivably, could create a market of healthier, perfectly engineered meat, pumped full of healthy Omega 3's and with many of the problems associated with meat-eating being essentially removed.

No more animals would ever have to be killed. The non-profit foundation explains: "Because meat substitutes are produced under controlled conditions impossible to maintain in traditional animal farms, they can be safer, more nutritious, less polluting, and more humane than conventional meat."

Actual tissue engineering in a lab is now possible! Imagine supermarkets with meat sections that read: "no-kill meat" and "kind meat."

My Op/Ed video offers some thoughts on the matter: