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7 Writing Tips from Your Favorite Films (PHOTOS)

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Good writers don't just write well, they carry with them skills crucial to success in college and career. What college or employer wouldn't want someone who excelled in critical thinking, communications, creativity, research, persistence, attention to detail, logic, and follow through? All these skills you learn to master when you learn to write.

The writing process is remarkably similar to filmmaking: both writers and filmmakers need to plan their work, commit their project to film or paper and edit and polish their work until it measures up as both enlightenment and entertainment. Which means you can learn much of the art and craft of writing at the local multiplex.

"Everything You Need to Write Great Essays You Can Learn from Watching Movies" teaches the process of writing by relating it to a topic that is trendy, fun and and never more than a DVD or multiplex away. Although an essay will never be mistaken for a feature film, it can tell its story in pictures, only those pictures were developed by words. Both viewers of movies and readers of essays want to be grabbed from the beginning and transported through a story, whether that's Toy Story 3 or a logical journey from thesis to conclusion. Writing must grab readers' attention and send them on a journey of images. Just like in the movies.

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