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06/06/2005 01:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Karen Finley's comments on Tom Cruise's comments on Brooke Shields' postpartum medication are worth a brief medical . . . comment: Many, many medications are overused but postpartum depression is undertreated, not overtreated. Perhaps some women who received SSRIs and similar meds after birth could have done well with diet and supplements, but not all of them. I think that doctors pay far too little attention to PPD.

Sandy Frank--and many others--have made a good case for bringing back DDT to fight malaria in Africa. I know they have not forgotten how toxic DDT truly is and they must also be aware of the controversy surrounding the malaria statistics before and after DDT was phased out. This pesticide might have a reasonable risk/benefit analysis when used judiciously. Unfortunately, it has been abused as long as it has been in existence.

Carson Meyer, my good friend, writes with more feeling and fun than people twice her age.

Janet Grillo's comments on what, in my opinion, it might mean to be truly "pro-life" warm a pediatrician's heart.

OK, I've done enough damage for one night.