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Jay Mellon
Over the past 15 years, founding Partner and CEO, Jay Mellon, has helped to direct AtNetPlus, Inc. as it has become a leader in Cloud and predictable cost IT services in northeast Ohio. Over the past five years, both Jay and the company have been honored with multiple awards for leadership, innovation, and growth.

Within the industry, Jay collaborates with other entrepreneurs to promote greater success within their companies. Jay regularly contributes to the company blog and presents workshops that educate small and mid-sized business owners and managers about using technology to improve productivity within their organizations. He also was instrumental in the development of ‘Talk it over Tuesday’ a monthly, business discussion series hosted by AtNetPlus.

Entries by Jay Mellon

3 Easy Cyber Security Precautions Your Small Business Should Take Today

(1) Comments | Posted September 5, 2013 | 10:55 AM

For years, small businesses have avoided dealing with Cyber Security. They have thought of it as a problem for big retailers, big financial institutions, and big government. Until now, small business owners and managers have felt safe because they weren't large enough to draw the attention of attackers.


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