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Jayel Aheram
Jayel Aheram is a writer, libertarian polemicist, activist, and Iraq War and Marine veteran. He is an award-winning blogger writing about foreign policy, antiwar issues, and the police state at Young Americans for Liberty. He is the founder of the antiwar organization Come Home America Los Angeles and formerly one of the primary organizers at Occupy Coachella Valley.

Blog Entries by Jayel Aheram

How Occupy Wall Street Is Beating the Liberty Movement

(49) Comments | Posted November 15, 2012 | 9:39 PM

When a group of young libertarians gathered in Pepperdine last week for a Students for Liberty conference, they probably did not expect to begin their day listening to a speech advocating for greater cooperation between the Liberty and the Occupy Wall Street movements.

However, that was the message of left...

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