12/10/2012 07:37 am ET Updated Feb 09, 2013

Trips That Spark A Passion For Travel

What was your gateway addiction to travel? In talking to those who love to travel, I have found most can trace their passion to a single trip. One eye opening adventure or revelation that ignited their wanderlust.

For me, it was a trip to Greece when I was 16. I was a "boarder" at St. Catherine's School in Richmond, Virginia, an all girl's school with top academics and no boys. I had arrived there from Salisbury, North Carolina, an idyllic southern town that I still call home, but one where I never envisioned the need or desire to travel abroad. Charlotte, an hour away, was a long trip to me.

Part of the academic year was a "mini-mester," and that year I choose a trip to Greece. The moment I climbed the Acropolis, realized that Socrates and Alexander the Great had stood on these same stones and viewed Athens from the same perspective, I knew this is what I wanted to do in a thousand other places. My education and career paths were set. Affordable student travel programs enabled my addiction, and I was honored to pay back that debt in working with student travelers throughout my career. (See my bio if you want more personal details, which I doubt you do.)

To inspire others to explore the world, I am compiling a list for a future Huffington Post blog on personal defining moments in travel -- both real or armchair. Share yours below or on Facebook -- particularly Facebook if you have pictures you want to share; Jean Newman Glock -- and watch for my posts here. Also, let me know if I can use your name.

Share the inspiration. Travel is so Broadening, with credit to Sinclair Lewis' exquisite short story of the same name.