Train to Win

08/15/2011 03:06 pm ET
  • Jeanne Kelly Founder, The Kelly Group Credit Consulting, Inc.

Last night I went to the ball game! I happen to love sports and I especially love when I can go to a Yankee game. I'm a big fan... and you know that I am a big fan because it was raining last night. I was completely soaked walking to stadium, but I did not care. I didn't care because honestly, as soon as I know I am going to a game, I start getting excited.

So let's think about how hard these ball players train all year to be the very best that they can be for each and every game. They have coaches to keep them focused and on top of the plays. Then on the day of the game, they play to win. Well, in my opinion, even the best of the best can lose a game. You do leave feeling kind of disappointed but sometimes it happens, right? Well, I thought about how that relates to your credit.

I know most of my followers really do work hard all year on making sure that they keep their credit as healthy as possible. However, sometimes even when we try our best, times are still hard. It could be a loss of income, a divorce, or maybe you moved and forgot a bill. I know that even with all the hard work and effort you put into something, we too can lose at the credit game. If that happens to you, just remember that it does not mean that your credit is ruined forever. Just like the Yankees, you will have another game to win. You will have another month to get back on credit track. As time goes by, that negative information will not damage you as much as in the moment. When you lose at something, it does not feel good immediately, but with time, it starts to get a little better. The same happens with your credit.

I want you to always stay on top of the game, do your best and be wise about your credit. Win at the credit game by following me and my tips. If you happen to also be a Yankee fan and see me at a game, give me a high five and maybe I can even give you a credit tip to help you win at your own credit game.