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Jeff Ballinger

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REI Co-Op Members Rise Up: My Agitprop Job App

(0) Comments | Posted August 15, 2010 | 3:23 PM

Not being a fellow member, you may well ask why I'm sticking my nose in your business. Well, from my perspective, you've been mucking about in my "international labor rights" territory for years -- specifically, by joining into the thoroughly discredited corporate self-regulation enterprise that involves "codes of conduct" for...
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Ask Workers in Cambodia and Bangladesh: Where Has Corporate Social Responsibility Been?

(0) Comments | Posted July 26, 2010 | 12:30 PM

A recent blog post by Auret van Heerden "Where is CSR Heading" begs a really big question: what good has it been for workers, up to now? Sweatshop abuses are Exhibit A and that is where van Heerden plies his trade as head of the "Fair Labor Association"...

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ON THE MEDIA Fawns Over Sweatshop-Loving Kristof

(0) Comments | Posted December 13, 2009 | 3:42 PM

On the Media with Brooke Gladstone in the anchor chair is always a good deal more than a diversion while cleaning the garage or running weekend errands; she explores many topics that are otherwise not covered, or didn't even appear as problems, opportunities, &c. But, when you do an interview...

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Memo to AFL-CIO's Trumka

(0) Comments | Posted December 9, 2009 | 5:44 PM

Now that you've submitted a five-point plan to the Jobs Summit (the "official" position of the labor movement), it is time to plan a return-trip to the White House for a less formal session with President Obama. Below are listed a few ideas that you can take with you...

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State's Human Rights Guy Needs to Man Up Fast

(0) Comments | Posted October 21, 2009 | 12:16 PM

I don't know about you, but it seems like it's been forever waiting for President Obama's team to get settled-in at State. Now that Michael Posner has been officially installed as Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL), it's about time we get started down the...

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The Swoosh and the Syringe

(3) Comments | Posted October 7, 2007 | 6:13 PM

Show me da money, Marion!

Hard to believe that you could burn through all that sweat-stained endorsement cash. I guess that you really can't scrimp on "stonewalling" lawyers when you've been fibbing to the feds.

Track and field athletes used to be like Burmese monks --...

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Memo to John Edwards: Hillary's Achilles' Heel -- "It's the Stupid Economy"

(0) Comments | Posted June 19, 2007 | 4:45 PM

You need to "own" the global political economy issue.

You cannot do this with your rhetoric about trade agreements, however. Union members are already being bombarded with sliced and diced "he said, she said" on who supported which trade agreement. You need to serve up some totally new formulations. For...

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Cheney & the Sheiks: The Ties That Blind

(7) Comments | Posted May 10, 2007 | 3:46 PM

The corrosive effect of the 'gov-biz-gov-biz' revolving-door on U.S. democratic institutions is most apparent in the blurring of distinctions, such as business partner/strategic partner, client-state/arms purchaser or ally/customer. Cheney was Secretary of Defense when Saudi Arabia was among the top three buyers of U.S. advanced weaponry (he's a salesman and...

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Condi Snoozed While Chevron Paid Off Saddam

(88) Comments | Posted May 8, 2007 | 12:26 PM

Because she's a Russia scholar, Secretary Rice will be quite familiar with Lenin's term, "useful idiot." Near the end of her decade on Chevron's board (she joined it in 1991 while a professor at Stanford University), the corporation cooked up the very responsible-sounding "The Chevron Way to a Strong Board."...

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The Corporate Social Responsibility Farce

(3) Comments | Posted April 26, 2007 | 12:28 PM

"In this industry, the only reason to change is because someone has got a great cattle prod that keeps jabbing you in the rear end," said Bud Konheim, a garment executive in 1997.

Corporations in the garment industry with image problems spent nearly $14 million every working hour last year...

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GOP's Jekyll and Hyde Foreign Policy- Wolfowitz' Years in Jakarta

(3) Comments | Posted April 16, 2007 | 5:01 PM

It was a borderline reckless field trip for the U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia to visit the Tanjung Priok slum in N. Jakarta for a Muslim "fast-breaking" ceremony during the holy month of Ramadan. Just a few years earlier, Suharto's ruthless army had killed over a dozen protesters at an Islamic...

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