01/07/2011 02:40 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Setting the Record Straight on Kaplan University's Courtesy Registration Policy

Readers of the Huffington Post reporter Chris Kirkham's story, "At Kaplan University, 'Guerilla Registration" Leaves Students Deep in Debt," could not help but conclude that Kaplan University used something called "guerilla registration" to enroll students without their knowledge and then charge them for courses they never took. The allegation by a former employee, who claimed he never actually engaged in the practice but said he had heard about it, is a gross distortion of Kaplan's actual policies.

Kaplan University is proud of its "courtesy registration" policy, whereby its students -- most of whom hold down full- or part-time jobs and are often heads of households -- can be pre-registered by their academic advisors for the next course or courses prescribed within their academic major as a safeguard to help them avoid missing a registration cut-off date and delaying their studies. This courtesy registration cannot result in a student being charged without the student's consent. That's because our students are not charged tuition for a course unless and until they actually join and participate in the class once the term has begun. Students also have the opportunity to drop any class -- at no charge -- during the first week "add/drop" period of each term. We also recently introduced the Kaplan Commitment, which offers a further safeguard for new students, who can enroll without any financial obligation for the first five weeks of their course to ensure they are satisfied with their selected program and our faculty are satisfied with their ability to handle the work.

At Kaplan Higher Education, we are dedicated to helping our students succeed. We take pride in the more than 275,000 Kaplan graduates who have been able to improve their lives by advancing their education with us.