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Jeff Kinley
Jeff Kinley is author of 20 books, including As It Was in the days of Noah - Warnings from Bible Prophecy about the Coming Global Storm. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas (B.A.) and Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM). His website is

Entries by Jeff Kinley

The Noah Dilemma

(0) Comments | Posted April 8, 2014 | 3:25 PM

The release of Darren Aronofsky's epic blockbuster Noah, starring Russell Crowe has caused more than a few waves in the Christian community. Their chief beef? It's not "biblical." From extrabiblical additions -- altering the long-perceived personality of Noah himself as a humble Ark-builder and the fact that the word "God"...

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Our Ongoing Love Affair With Zombies (or, Why Do We Love The Walking Dead So Much?)

(8) Comments | Posted October 8, 2013 | 11:58 AM

As the author of a Zombie-themed book, people inevitably ask if I watch AMC's macabre Sunday night masterpiece, The Walking Dead. The answer is, of course, a resounding "Yes!" I'm also quick to share with them my own personal encounter with Norman Reedus (Daryl) while I was speaking at a...

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Jesus Likes Halloween a Little Bit, Doesn't He?

(68) Comments | Posted October 17, 2011 | 3:27 PM

Every year Christians face a cultural dilemma, beautifully articulated by a 5-year-old boy's announcement to his parents upon returning home from school one day.

"Mom and Dad, Jesus hates Halloween!" Then, pausing, he mumbled, "But He likes it a little bit, doesn't He?"

And therein lies the conundrum of the...

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