12/27/2011 02:16 pm ET | Updated Feb 26, 2012

Babies With iPads

Super tech-savvy babies. Holdin' iPads. Bein' cute. That's the central conceit of Babies With iPads.

The blog was born out of two irrefutable facts: 1) Kids today, aged 0-5, may not know what the hell a book is, but 2) those same kids are digital rock stars who could easily advance the social media strategies of various Fortune 500 companies.

We found these truths bewildering, despairing, and totally awesome. So we searched the Internet and discovered a bottomless crib of photos documenting these new-age newborns. To enhance each picture that we uncovered, we quickly mastered the dubious skill of writing baby-centric social media jokes.

On some level, we know that the site is really about us and our buddies, millennial-aged writers who work at large media conglomerates and spend over eight hours a day in front of a computer. The big babies, if you will. But, photos of ourselves wouldn't be nearly as cute, so actual babies were a way better choice.

Below, enjoy a sampling of our work from BabiesWithiPads.

Babies With iPads