10/13/2010 11:04 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Gerrymandering: How's it Gonna Be?

One week from today Gerrymandering will be in select theaters nationwide. (On 10/12 we're doing a special one-night event at a number of theaters around the country - check here for details.) The reviews are starting to roll in and they're running the gamut from "boring" to "riveting," so we'll see how it goes.

At the tail end of two weeks of travel, I'm a little too tired to put together coherent thoughts about the trip and the state of things, so I've pasted below some videos I shot along the way with my phone (using an iPhone to shoot is really much harder than I'd imagined!). Interspersed are viewer comments from California where the Yes On 20/No on 27 campaign has mailed hundreds of thousands of copies of the film directly to voters statewide. More on that next week.

Happy Weekend.

I received a DVD of your film from you in the mail. It distills everything that I have been worrying about for years. I am happy to see these issues addressed and brought to light. At the same time I am saddened and disgusted over the current situation in our country. It is time for radical change.

Thanks for making this film. Probably one of the most patriotic acts ever to occur off the battlefield.

Though I hadn't requested it, I received the excellent DVD in the mail. After watching it took it to my daughter's house. I didn't have the key to her place that day, so left it on her porch. Someone stole it: politically conscious thieves in her neighborhood, I guess. I'd wanted her to see it and then share it with others as well. Any chance of getting another copy?

Please? None of us have a computer that's fast enough to watch it online.

Please email me and I'll respond with my mailing address.

Thanks so much!

I received your DVD, Gerrymandering, in the mail a few days ago, but didn't watch it until today. It is EXCELLENT but makes my blood boil. Thank you for the incredible information.

Great film! Just watched the movie with my teenage boys. We learned so much and I just want to take the time to thank you for making this documentary! I'm definately more enlightened after watching this movie. I hope people come out this election to vote on this prop in California. Thanks!