Chat with Legendary Actor, James Caan TODAY!

05/20/2010 07:22 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Legendary actor, James Caan (Misery, Godfather) still remembers his struggling days as an actor in New York when he got fired from his first Broadway gig. He'll never forget his days packing meat, waiting tables and dreaming of hitting it big. Now, over 40 years, an Oscar nomination and countless films later, Caan is giving back to young filmmakers.

He's formed along with his son, Scott Caan and an advisory board consisting of the likes of his pals, Robert Duvall and Mark Rydell. Together, they are offering a chance for young filmmakers to get their break, get exposure to millions of viewers and even win a $250,000 contract to complete their film.

"So much of making it is luck," Caan says,"and we hope that is a bit of luck for people."

That luck can begin for you today, May 20, 2010 -- because James Caan or "Jimmy" as he insists his friends call him, will be having a live webcam chat at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST. He'll answer your questions, give advice and hopefully share a few laughs. For more information visit: