Comedian Heather McDonald: 'You'll Never Blue Ball in this Town Again'

08/04/2010 08:04 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

You've seen her on Chelsea Handler's Chelsea Lately, Frasier, Malcolm in the Middle, Reno 911, Drake and Josh, Quintuplets and Watching Ellie but now the wacky sharp-tongued comedian, Heather McDonald has come out with a new book entitled, You'll Never Blue Ball in this Town Again.

I had the opportunity to talk to this multi-talented performer all about it and more.

You've been building your career as a comedian for years. How did the Chelsea Lately opportunity happen for you?

Chelsea and I have known each other for 13 years and we were always friendly when we'd see each other at auditions. About six months before Chelsea Lately began I did a few all female stand up shows with Chelsea and we connected. When I heard that she was going to have a 5 night a week show I got very excited because I had written on shows before one being The Keenen Ivory Wayans late night talk show and I thought it might even be easier to write for a cute white woman than it was to write for a black man so I submitted a writing sample and got the job. Only after I began working at Chelsea Lately did Chelsea and I become close friends.

For those who haven't read your book, what's it about?

You'll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again is about all the guys I did not have sex with in the '90's living in LA and pursuing acting and stand up comedy. Unlike "putting out", blue balling might not have paid my rent or land me free trips to Hawaii, but it did provide me with hilarious stories and adventures in my search for true love.

Why did you feel compelled to write it?

I had been jotting funny stories down to hopefully one day put in a book when one day I was on the round table on Chelsea Lately and I started to tell a story when Chelsea interrupted me and said "If this is another one of your stories that ends with you blue balling some a guy from the '90's I'm going to kill myself." It was then that I realized that a lot of my funniest stories do end with me blue balling a guy from the '90s. I also decided it was time for me to come out and tell the world that at one time I was a 27 year old virgin.

What is it like to write your first book and seeing it actually on the book shelves?

I love seeing my book on the book shelves. I admit I have been Secret-ing this vision for years and it finally became a reality! I also could not be happier with the way the cover turned out. I love how girly and fun it is. It made lying uncomfortably on all those blue balls totally worth it.

Do you plan on writing future books? If so, what would they be about?

Yes, I do plan on writing future books. Right now, the working title for my second book is From Blue Balls to Tee Balls and it would include more embarrassing hilarious stories about my life and what has happened after I got married and had kids.

Where can we get a copy of your book?

Anywhere books are sold!