Daddy by Default by Author, Pat Tucker

11/11/2010 04:04 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Unsuspecting men may discover the hard way that missing a deadline can be costly in more ways than one. Author Pat Tucker has created a tale about Paternity Fraud and why every man needs to know his state's laws regarding the topic. Daddy by Default is about a defiant man who is stuck paying child support even after DNA determines he's not the child's biological father. Not possible you say? DNA has freed men from death row, led to the release of innocent men from prisons; quite surely it can be used to free a man from the financial obligations of a child he did not father correct? The answer to that question relies heavily on which state said father resides.

We had the opportunity to interview the author of this emotionally gripping novel and this is what she had to say about the facts behind her story:

First of all, for those who haven't read your book, what is Daddy by Default about?

Daddy by Default is heart-wrenching story about a married couple whose relationship is shaken to its core by a false arrest. Parker and Roxanne Redman have been trying to start a family for years, following another miscarriage; Parker is arrested for delinquent child support. Only he hasn't fathered any children. The story tackles the often emotional and tumultuous drama involved with family law cases.
The story also highlights the importance of knowing the Paternity laws in one's state, as they vary state to state. Currently there are 21 states in which DNA testing will not relieve a man of child support payments even if he's not the father of the child in question. In those states and others, missing a deadline could leave a man financially responsible for a child until the child is 18.

Why should we go out and get a copy?
This story is a glimpse of reality for so many men in the world today. Everyone who loves a man knows a man, or cares about a man needs to read Parker's story because it can happen to anyone.

Who do you think would enjoy the book the most and why?
Daddy by Default is steeped full of dramatic events, vivid scenes, and witty dialogue. This novel will appeal to avid readers and those searching for an authentic story of unrelenting determination and triumph.

What inspired you to write Daddy by Default?
As in most of the stories I pen, real life news stories inspired me to write this story. As a Journalist, I often come across stories that I find unbelievable and they stay with me. The plot for Daddy by Default was one such story. Once I began to research real life cases involving the growing problem of Paternity Fraud, I felt this was an issue that deserved more attention.

What challenges have you faced in promoting your work with more than 100,000 books coming out per year?

Because I understand the competition for readers is fierce-I started promoting the moment the manuscript was sold. I feel so passionate about this subject matter and the fact that so many can benefit from the characters and their experiences. I'm excited to talk about this book because I learned so much about Paternity Fraud and the laws that govern or lack to govern this growing problem. While it's a fictional story-it's based on factual events. I've started a grass-roots campaign to try and garner support for the book because I believe the story is one of great importance. Men and the women who love them need to know that there are some states that will not recognize DNA testing due to the fact that in many states, the laws simply have not caught up with technology.

What are you working on next?

My next novel titled, Football Widows is a story about some NFL Coaches wives and their naughty behavior during the season, while their husbands are focusing on the game. In addition, I'm working on an independent film project. So soon, you'll see me on the red carpet. And as always, I'm working on my next novel.