Melissa Sue Anderson on Little House, Her New Book and More!(LISTEN)

05/14/2010 08:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Life goes on after a hit TV show, Melissa Sue Anderson shared with me. The Emmy-winning actress is best known for her role as Mary Ingalls in the 80s television series, Little House on the Prairie (one of my childhood favorites). But being on a hit TV show isn't always what it's cracked out to be, not that she's complaining Anderson is very grateful for the experience and the life lessons she carries with her.

In my interview with Anderson today, she discusses her new book The Way I See It: A Look Back at My Life on Little House, her thirst to get back into the acting scene again, her thoughts on the other wild and crazy childhood stars that have since crashed and burned and why she says her Little House family isn't that close.