New Teen Webseries -- Sweety!

04/05/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Make way for a new series premiering this week. It's called, "Sweety" a teen comedy series; only something's different about this series. You won't find it on any network or even any cable channel. "Sweety" is part of a new wave of shows that begin their life online, building their audiences with the hope of one day taking their show to television.

I had the opportunity to interview the founders of "Sweety", Veronica Zelle and Frank Simonetti about this promising new web series on

So, tell me all about "Sweety":

"Sweety", the webseries, is about four best friends making their way through the high school experience. It is different than ordinary high school show because it is about subverting stereotypes and archetypes. It is also extremely high quality for a web show, with a great cast of hot young actors.

Why do the show online?

We are premiering it online because it's part of a much bigger offering,, a website for tween and teen girls. The site is a boutique arts and entertainment destination that is both a network and a social game - in which users earn currency and karma points to be spent on virtual and real world goods in the site's store. Sweety High is a much more age-appropriate, moderated, private site than what is currently offered to girls in this demo on the web.

How is the show doing so far?

Given that we've only launched trailers for the series so far, it is doing extremely well, having garnered a lot of new users and fans on Sweety High and on other sites.

We are promoting the show through other content orientated sites like Tubefilter, through other tween and teen sites, and through our You Tube, Facebook etc. presence. We are also talking to larger distributors who would like to syndicate it out across the web.

Do you think this will be the norm for television producers, debuting series online first and then television?

For now, premiering shows on the web is still primarily reserved for webseries shows that were created for just that. Will a network premier longer shows online first? I doubt it, at least not with the current models they're using. If Sweety - the show - was bought by a network, it's releasing plan would be debated...and some hybrid approach would likely be adopted.

How have fans responded to the show so far?

Response from fans has, honestly, been amazing. Our goal, given our backgrounds, was to bring this demo broadcast quality content but on the web. We are currently in production on our second show, FoodStar, and have 4 more shows in pre-production behind it.

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