01/25/2011 11:34 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Producer Deon Taylor on Tommy's Little Girl (AUDIO)

True film is colorless, boundless, that's what Jamie Foxx's producing partner Deon Taylor feels and why many believe he is bound for tremendous success. After cutting his teeth on successful horror films, Taylor partnered with Oscar winner Jamie Foxx on a production company called No Brainer Productions which has been developing film and television series that do not shackle them to the type of films many would expect from them just because they are African American.

Take No Brainer's newest project, Tommy's Little Girl, a television series that will debut on NBC this Fall starring Selma Blair. It does not star African Americans and for good reason as Taylor, who embraces his heritage, yet feels the best way to serve his community is simply to make a good film or television show first, no matter who's the star.

I was rather inspired by my interview with Taylor today where he discusses his creative process, their upcoming films and the best piece advice he could ever give an aspiring filmmaker.