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Jeff Shesol

Blog Entries by Jeff Shesol

Evolving Circumstances, Enduring Values

Posted September 20, 2010 | 11:21:09 (EST)

Originally published in the New York Times Book Review, September 19, 2010

"If my fellow citizens want to go to hell," Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote, "I will help them. It's my job." This, for much of the last century, has stood as the purest (or at least the...

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Activist Judges, Class Is in Session

Posted April 29, 2010 | 17:12:16 (EST)

The professor-in-chief held an impromptu seminar in constitutional law last night on Air Force One, and he drove home a powerful lesson. In a conversation with reporters, President Obama attacked conservative judges for cloaking their activism in "legal theories" like "original intent," and called for "judicial restraint" -- which means,...

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Scowling Justice, Smiling Justice

Posted January 28, 2010 | 13:04:46 (EST)

Perhaps Justice Alito should just have stayed home. There's precedent, after all.

In January 1937, only a month before launching his plan to pack the Court, Franklin Roosevelt arrived in the House chamber to deliver the State of the Union address and found, to his surprise, that not a single...

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