Women Have A Bridal Shower ... Should Men Have A Groom Roast?

04/25/2012 12:15 pm ET | Updated Jun 23, 2012

Should men have a "groom roast"?

The simple answer is yes. The bridal shower is an important event, and having an equivalent event that's right for guys has been missing for far too long. Although something resembling this type of event has come about in recent years: man shower, guy gathering, groom shower and bro bath, they are not quite complete.

Still, you may be asking yourself: Why would any guy need to have a "shower"-type event when he already has a bachelor party? Well, let's first turn to the Urban Dictionary definition of a groom roast for our answer. Oh, and if you've seen a celebrity comedy roast, you may already know where we're going with this.

"The Bachelor Party may not always be appropriate for younger guys or older relatives, so this is a great way for all the important men in the groom's life to celebrate him by spending an afternoon together and having a little fun at his expense (public-appropriate comedic insults, praise, outlandish true stories and uplifting tributes). The groom knows that it's all in fun, and is able to be a good sport about it. The groom will be roasted by those who wish to do it, with some of the same treatment possibly coming their way, too. It's hosted by the groomsmen, who pick a theme the groom would like: sports, gaming, poker ... and bring everyone together with food, drinks and some good laughs."

What Exactly Happens At A Groom Roast?

1. You play some games.
Depending on the groom this could be poker, various sports, a team-building activity, Wii and/or groom trivia (every wrong answer means he has to drink ... or something like that).

2. You open gifts.
These should be practical gifts that are home-improvement related.

3. You roast the groom.
The roast is meant to poke fun at the groom with funny insults, one outlandish but true story and an uplifting tribute. Jokes used in the roast must be suitable for all ages attending. Groomsmen must prepare a roast (others are optional). Those that prepare a roast should remember that they may receive some of the same treatment in return.

Who Plans The Groom Roast?

With the bachelor party falling on the shoulders of the best man, this one goes to the groomsmen. Typically, a groomsman is not called on to do very much prior to the wedding, so this is the perfect event for them to host. They can pool their dollars and share in the planning.

When Is The Groom Roast?

If possible, it will be the same afternoon the bride is having her bridal shower. If that doesn't work, it's good to make it as close to that date as possible.

What Is Served At A Groom Roast?

This does depend on the groom's taste, but something from the grill usually does the trick. Don't want to break the bank or have it be too formal? Something simple and easy is the best plan.

Where Does A Groom Roast Happen?

The event is held at the home of one of the groomsmen (roastmaster for the evening) or a third-party location chosen by the groomsmen.

More than anything, this event is meant to get the older and younger guys in both families together, so they can get to know each other better. Since some of important family members like dads, grandpas, younger cousins and brothers usually don't go to the bachelor party, a groom roast is a great addition to help make them feel included, and at the same time have a little fun, at the groom's expense!

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