Cue: The Muppets! (Why The Muppets Should Host The Oscars)

11/11/2011 01:19 pm ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

For every person on the internet there seems to be at least four "Who should host the Oscars" suggestions. I've offered my fair share, (if I had my druthers Nancy Meyers to produce/Diane Keaton to host) but the latest online opinion that's going viral this afternoon of The Muppets hosting is just plain perfect. Not ha ha perfect like someone suggesting Cheryl Ladd or an Avatar but really, truly, OMG, seriously PERFECT.

Let's look at what the 2012 Oscars have meant thus far. Brett Ratner joins on as Producer and we all think ... the guy who directed The Family Man? Um. Okay. Then he announces Eddie Murphy will host and we all remember that Eddie Murphy is actually a really great stand up and a comedy icon so sure... that'll do. Then Brett Ratner makes an insanely huge ass of himself in one weekend and resigns from his post by Monday. Then Eddie Murphy drops out. Oh. And Tower Heist came out.

So now the Oscars are left with no host, no producer, and an internet full of people throwing out ideas ... remember when I made that Cheryl Ladd reference a few minutes ago? It's only November and already the biggest night in Hollywood is a joke, and it's already been smeared with a negative connotation by its former producer and his outrageously offensive comment about the gay community.

The Oscars aren't supposed to be a night we all wait to tear apart -- it also shouldn't be a night surrounded by this much controversy. The Oscars should be a night where we all crowd around our TVs and squeal with delight when Kate Winslet wears something backless and anytime we're reminded that Meryl Streep is there. The Oscars ought to be the kind of night where the world collectively laughs and cheers and celebrates these things we all pay twelve bucks to see over and over each year. The Oscars ought to be a night of joy and there's a really easy way to make sure that happens.

Cue: The Muppets!

The Muppets have proven in the past forty years that they're American staples. Like Ed Sullivan, Lucille Ball, and Bob Hope there will never be a day when The Muppets don't bring a smile to America's face. Unless your face can't move, then I guess you're never able to smile anyway. Remember when I made Cheryl Ladd reference a few minutes ago?

To whoever created that Muppets Host The Oscars Fan Page on Facebook, I applaud you. To whoever first suggested it, I celebrate you. Now let's make it happen -- let's Betty White on SNL this thing.

I love movies, and I love the Oscars, and I really think they can be a night of joyful celebration like they used to be. A night where people lay off the ripping things to shreds for a change and celebrate how cool it is that we live in a country that respects movies as much as we do. And I think The Muppets can do that better than anyone else.