10/23/2007 09:58 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

World War IV Giuliani

In life, as the old saying goes, you are what you eat.  In politics, you are what your policy advisers say you are.

As Josh Marshall lays out brilliantly in this video about Giuliani's team of foreign policy advisers, this means that Rudy Giuliani's is World War IV.

Why?  Giuliani's top foreign policy adviser is none other than Norman Podhoretz:  the man who believes that 9/11 was the beginning of World War IV, who believes that Bush should should have launched a military attack against Iran yesterday, and if elected, will see to it that a Giuliani administration escalates the mess in Iraq into a full-scale World War against the entire Arabic speaking world.

It would put our minds at ease, I'm sure, if this analysis was a clever metaphor.  Giuliani is so crazy, electing him would be like, you know, starting "World War IV."  But this is no metaphor.  His top foreign policy adviser wrote a book called World War IV in which he says that America is currently fighting WORLD WAR IV and that the only way to win is to invade Iran.

So here's the formula:

Rudy Giuliani + Normal Podhoretz + The White House = WORLD WAR IV

I remember, as a kid in school at the end of the Cold War, when we used to worry about World War III.  Ahh, childhood.  It was a simple time filled with such quaint fears of global nuclear annihilation.  But with Rudy Giuliani running for President, we can worry about something even more horrific:  an endless military meat grinder in Iraq, Iran and everywhere else.

The relentless propaganda of 'Islamofascist' this and  'Islamofascist' that is not just the rantings of the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party descending on college campuses across America this week.  It's the policy position of the Republican Party's leading candidate for President.

What will World War IV look  like?  Invasion of Iran, and then Syria, and then Lebanon.  Expanding the American occupation of Iraq to become the American occupation of everywhere in the Middle East except Egypt and Israel.  The endless destruction of  America's enlisted men and women in no-win colonial police work against a multiplying and bottomless mix of anti-occupation nationalists and terrorists.

But, wait!  There's more!

Beyond the insane military actions in the Middle East, World War IV will bring police action at home as the entire nation becomes wrapped up in fear of Arabic speakers in our midst.  Giuliani's adviser Daniel Pipes, in all likelihood, launches a campaign to weed out all the assumed terrorists around here.  Camps, deportations, arrests in the night--oh, we'll have all of that, you can bet on it.  It's all part  of the World War IV package--and we'll get it all with Rudy Giuliani.

But...wait (yawn)...there's...more...

World War IV will finally bankrupt our federal government, setting our children and our children's children into crippling debt for generations.  To pay for World War IV, we will need to increase spending by billions without end--turning the federal government into an ATM for the U.S. military. 

And what happens when we have a bankrupt U.S. federal government.  Fun stuff.  No federal revenue to solve the healthcare crisis in this country (insurance companies will take care of that, they've been so helpful up to this point).  No federal revenue for Social Security (brokerage firms will take care of that, they've been so helpful up to this point).  No federal revenue for education, no federal revenue for environmental reforms, no federal revenue for medical research, no federal revenue for anything but an endless, winless, bloody war in the Middle East. 

So vote Rudy!  Because World War IV is just too good pass up.

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